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A Simple Action is an action which sets an output at ON/OFF state, with a specific timer and dimmer value.

204 (0-203) Simple Actions can be programmed. When you want to activate simple action 105 for example, you can use Basic Action BA 0 105.

Definition of the 5 bytes used:

  1. Config: bit10=00 -> put selected output to off, bit10=01 -> put selected output to on, bit10=10 -> toggle selected output, bit10=11 -> set or clear validation bit, bit3=0 -> use standard timer value from output pages, bit3=1 -> use timer value from simple action byte 3 and 4, bit54=00 -> clear validation bit, bit54=01 -> set validation bit, bit54=10 -> toggle validation bit
  2. Selected output (0-239), 240 – 255 will be ignored and the function will be aborted with the only exception of 241 (all off) when config/Bit10=00. When config/bit10=11, validation number (0-255) will be found in this byte.
  3. Timer byte 0, LSB for timer value
  4. Timer byte 1, MSB for timer value
  5. Dimmer value (0-63), when switched on, this dimmer value will be used

Simple Action are more complicated to setup. However, most cases can be easily solved using the available Basic Actions (See list Action Types) without using Simple Actions. So only use Simple Actions when no solution can be found with the Other Basic Actions.