Output module front panel LED functionality

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The Leds on the Front panel of the Output Module have following Layout:

Output Module.png

8 leds:

  • Power Led: Green led
    • Solid Green: The module has power and the processor is running correctly
    • Off: No power or incorrect firmware
  • Status Led: Orange led
    • Solid orange: Module is in discovery mode (together will all other modules on the RS485 Bus)
    • Short On: When this module receives communication from the Master, the Status led will go on (when for example an output is changing state)
  • 8 Output Leds: Green leds
    • Solid green: When the corresponding output is ON
    • Off: When the corresponding output is OFF
    • Blinking: When the "output indicate" function is used (through maintenance mode) or when the indicate function in the portal is used (configuration of outputs)

Important Note: The 8 output leds of the output module can go into sleep mode (which happens automatically) so when the indication is not working and you need to have the leds working, go to maintenance mode and activate the leds again by using following instruction:

 basic action activate 64 1

For the Output modules that have a front panel with button: When the leds are in sleep mode, pressing this button will wake up the 8 leds for a few seconds.