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The Output Module firmware is published as Open Source since firmware release V2.1.x. Below you'll find all the changes since that release.

The firmware updates happening in the Openmotics portal (Settings - Update) contain not only the firmware update of the Master, but also the firmware of other modules as well as the updates for the Beagle Bone Black. All these different firmware updates are assembled in a package which get's a general version number. This version number which you see in the portal is not the same as the Firmware Version of the Master. To check which firmware version is installed on the Master, in the Openmotics portal, go to Settings - Maintenance and open maintenance mode by pressing the Connect button. Type the instruction firmware version to read the Master Firmware version.


Date: 23/9/2018

Resolved bugs

  • None

Added functionality

  • At Startup, all relays are always put in OFF position
  • At Startup, a led sequence first happen (nightrider+status led ON), after that, the module shortly indicates in which mode the modules is programmed (4 leds flashing -> Roller/Shutter mode, 8 leds flashing -> Normal Output Mode)
  • When changing mode (5 second press on the Init Button), all relays are always switched OFF
  • The Init Button can also be used to switch ON/OFF relays
    • Short press will put the module in Manual Output change mode, the flashing of the led indicates which output can be changed
    • A long press (+/- 1.5 seconds) will toggle the Output state
    • The module will remain in Manual Output Change Mode for 1 minute, if the init Button is used again, the timer is reset and the module will remain in Manual Output Change Mode for the next minute
    • When Outputs are changed manually, a difference can exist between the effective output state in the Master. The next communication between the Master in the Manual adapter module will bring back both in sync (The Output module will take the state of the Master)