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Change from Roller Shutter to output mode and visa versa

In this section, we will describe how you change a module from Roller Shutter mode to Output mode or visa versa. An output mode can be programmed to act as a normal output module (all 8 outputs can be on simultaneously) or as shutter module (only 4 outputs of the 8 can be on at the same time).

All programming is done in maintenance mode.

Preparing the change

The module was not active yet

If you want to add a Roller Shutter Module, please enable Large Installation mode:

 eeprom write 0 27 0
 eeprom activate

The module was already active

The simplest way is to do a re-initialization of all your output modules. Below you'll find the procedure to do so.

Changing the module from Output to Shutter mode or visa versa

This is very simple, just press the init button until the leds on the front panel start flashing:

  • When 4 leds are flashing: The module is in Roller Shutter Mode
  • When 8 leds are flashing: The module is in Output Mode

For more information, see Roller/Shutter mode.

Please note, when changing the module, the first Byte (will be changed to "O" when Output module or changed to "R" when Roller/Shutter module) of the 4 bytes ID will change. When the change remains, the Gateway will not be able anymore to communicate with this module in the current state. A re-initialization is needed.

Making the necessary changes in the Master

The Module was not yet active

This is simple, just add the module:

 module discover start

press the init button of the output module, you'll see the output appear.

 module discover stop

The module was already active

The simplest way is restart initialization of all output modules. This also means that reprogramming of your switches might be needed.

 eeprom write 0 2 0                ;put number of outputs to 0
 eeprom write 0 3 0                ;put number of Roller/shutter in Large installation to 0
 eeprom activate                     ;activate the eeprom changes you've made
 module discover start

press the init button of all your output module (including Roller/shutter, normal output modules, Dim control etc), you'll see the outputs appear.

 module discover stop