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image of OMHT3 (filename: OMHT3-1-3.png)
== Versioning ==
== Versioning ==

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OMHT3 1 3.jpg


Current version


Older versions

There are currently no older versions available.

Release Notes

  • List overview of the changes to this PCB from the previous version

Gerber files

The Gerber files contain all necessary info to manufacture this PCB: copper layers, solder mask, legend, drill holes, etc.

download link to Gerber files for this version (filename: OMHT3-1-3.rar)


An overview of the electronic schematic of this PCB.

download link to Schematics for this version (filename: OMHT3-1-3.pdf)

Bill Of Materials (BOM)

The BOM lists all necessary components to stuff this PCB.

a BOM in a table (including the P/N)