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OMHGM 3 1.jpg OMHGM 3 1 with BBB.jpg Gateway v2.jpg


Current version


Release Notes


  • Added RS485 bus extension connector (TBD)

OMHGM_3_1 Gateway V2

  • BeagleBone Cape for Din Rail enclosure
  • Now the gateway (BBB) and the master (PIC18F67J11 based controller) are combined in the same module
  • New Phoenix connectors
  • New ethernet connector outside
  • logo of openmotics is removed, only name itself is on the pcb.
  • version number visible on the outside.
  • Program connector for the master processor is reachable from the outside with debug uart on pin 6.
  • A saving in the pcb for the ethernet connector of the beaglebone.
  • A saving in the pcb so the cli of the beaglebone is still reachable for debugging purposes.

Known bugs:

  • There is no diode over the relay

Production files

Contact us to obtain the latest production files (BoM, PCB data, etc.)

Additional Components

Value Device Designators
eeprom 24LC512-I/P on top of U3
battery CR2032 in B1
rj45 plug, short molex 90075-0141 cable for connecting ethernet of beagle bone with J2
cable flat flatcable 8x 1mm pitch 2cm
connector flatcable FCI 89361-708LF
BB_BLACK Beagle Bone Black on top of U1

cable for connecting ethernet of beagle bone with J2

Ethernet cable gateway OK.png

Length of the cable from the black connector (not included) till the end of the RJ45 plug is 15.25mm


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.