Modbus Parameters

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Modbus Speed

  • 0=4800 Baud
  • 1=9600 Baud
  • 2=19200 Baud
  • 3=38400 Baud
  • 4=57600 Baud
  • 5=115200 Baud

Modbus Address

Address 1-247 can be used, make sure that the address of the Modbus device is the same as the address being programmed.

Modbus Type

  • .BIT7: =0->Modbus VOC is used, =1->uCAN VOC is used
  • .BIT6: =0->Modbus CO2 is used, =1->uCAN CO2 is used
  • .BIT5: =0->Modbus humidity is used, =1->uCAN humidity is used
  • .BIT4: =0->Modbus temp is used, =1->uCAN temp is used
  • .BIT3: =0->Modbus LUX is used, =1->uCAN LUX is used
  • .BIT2: =0->Modbus SOUND is used, =1->uCAN SOUND is used
  • .BIT1:
  • .BIT0:

Modbus Model

  • Model=0: OpenMotics Thermostat with color display
  • Model=1: Heatmiser Thermostat

Modbus Status

  • Status=0: Not Configured
  • Status=1: Messages being sent (but no response yet from thermostat)
  • Status=2: Message being sent and thermostat is responding

Modbus Mode

The Thermostat Mode byte is being set up as follows:

  • ThermostatMode.BIT7
    • =1: Thermostat ON
    • =0: Thermostat OFF
  • ThermostatMode.BIT6
    • Not used for the moment
  • ThermostatMode.BIT4..5:
    • BIT4=1,BIT5=0: Cooling Mode
    • BIT4=0,BIT5=0: Heating Mode
    • BIT4=1,BIT5=1: Ventilation Mode
    • BIT4=0,BIT5=1: ?
  • Thermostat.BIT3
    • =1: Automatic mode
    • =0: Manual mode -> scheduled thermostat actions will be ignored
  • ThermostatMode.BIT2..BIT0: Setpoint x for all thermostats, only relevant in Manual Mode, ignore these bits in automatic mode