Gateway module front panel LED functionality

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The LEDs on the front panel of the Gateway have the following layout:

Gateway v2.jpg

7 LEDs:

  • Power LED: Green LED
    • Solid Green: The module has power and the core services are up-and-running.
  • Status LED: Orange LED
    • Solid Orange: No Ethernet cable detected
    • Blinking: Indicate Gateway (useful for large buildings with multiple Gateways)
    • Off: Normal working condition
  • Alive: Green LED
    • Slow blinking Green: Network activity; indicates a solid and working network
    • Off: No network activity
  • Cloud: Green LED
    • Solid Green: Connection with the Cloud infrastructure is possible
    • Off: Can't access the Cloud infrastructure
  • VPN: Green LED
    • Solid Green: VPN tunnel is open and ready for bi-directional communication (remote control)
  • COM1: Green LED
    • Short On: During communication with the Energy Module(s)
  • COM2: Green LED
    • Short On: During communication with the Master