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Gateway 450x450.png

Technical Specifications

  • The Gateway has 2 controllers:
    • Gateway Controller: Based on Linux Based Beagle Bone Black
    • Master Controller: Based on Microchip 18F67J11
  • Provides secure connection to your local network enabling control of your OpenMotics system through PC, iPad, etc.
  • Securely connects to the OpenMotics Cloud enabling control over your system from anywhere at anytime.
  • Possibility to automatically update your other OpenMotics modules (integrated bootloader in Master and Gateway controller).
  • Programming languages:
    • Gateway controller: Python
    • Master controller: Pic Basic Pro
  • Interfaces:
    • 1x Ethernernet
    • 2x RS485
    • 3x RS232 (of which one is used as communication channel between Gateway and Master Controller)
    • Program Connector
  • DIN rail mountable, takes up 6T
  • Dimensions: 5.8cm × 10.2cm × 9cm
  • Programming language firmware Master Controller: Pic Basic Pro
  • Programming language firmware Gateway Controller: Python
  • Bootloader Master Controller: Yes
  • Bootloader Gateway Controller: Yes



Current version




This module consists of the following PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards):

The main PCB that houses all module specific components
Generic top panel PCB with all front panel interface components