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This Page will show some example screenshots of the OpenMotics Cloud, these are some examples of pages that exist but much more pages are available


In this dashboard, you have an overview of the power metrics, the thermostat settings and the status of the lights. You are also able to change the mode of your thermostats and switch on/off the lights by clicking on the light icons on the plan.

Dashboard Dashboard


On this page, you can change between floors, switch on/off lights and dim lights



On this page thermostats can be set and setpoints can be changed. The screens are tablet aware so changing temperature can be done by sliding.


On this page, the programmed timings and temperature setpoints can be programmed.



On this page, you have an overview of the real-time consumption of the different components of your house.

Power tags

On this page, you have an overview of the measured metrics on the power modules itself. On this page, you can see all electrical parameters (V, A, VA, W, Hz, PF% etc).

Power modules

On this page, you can see an historical overview of the consumption (in Watt or Euro). This page also allows to historically zoom in and out.

Power history

More screenshots

More screenshots can be viewed at the System cloud setup page