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CAN Control.png

Technical Specifications

  • 1 Processor Microchip 18F46K80
  • 1 RS485 bus connection (A and B line) – 1200 meters maximum bus length
  • 1 CAN bus connection - 100 meters maximum bus length
  • 1 Jumper for RS485 bus termination
  • Program Connector
  • RS232 Connector for DALI connectivity
  • 12V Controlled output for connected micro CAN modules
  • 5 Green connection status LEDs
  • 1 Orange status LED
  • 1 Green power LED
  • 1 Network registering button
  • Automatic network address generation
  • 12VDC Power supply, reverse polarity protected
  • 25mA current consumption for the modules itself + load of the micro CAN modules
  • DIN rail mountable, takes up 3T
  • Dimensions: 5.8cm × 5.3cm × 9cm
  • Used in conjunction with a Master module and micro CAN modules
  • Programming language firmware: Pic Basic Pro
  • Bootloader: Yes

CAN Micro2.jpg



This module consists of the following PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards):

The main PCB that houses all module specific components
Generic top panel PCB with all front panel interface components