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The Master firmware for the AIO will be published as Open Source once the module goes on sale.

This firmware is based on the new hardware of the AIO. This Master processor of the AIO is from the Microchip DSPIC33E family and the firmware is written in C

The firmware updates happening in the Openmotics portal (Settings - Update) contain not only the firmware update of the Master, but also the firmware of other modules as well as the updates for the Beagle Bone Black. All these different firmware updates are assembled in a package which get's a general version number. This version number which you see in the portal is not the same as the Firmware Version of the Master. To check which firmware version is installed on the Master, in the Openmotics portal, go to Settings - Maintenance and open maintenance mode by pressing the Connect button. Type the instruction firmware version to read the Master Firmware version.


Date: In development

Resolved bugs

Added functionality


Date: 25/7/2019

Resolved bugs

  • Removing CAN bus when AIO was in ON state and after 10 minutes, reconnecting didn't bring back the CAN bus. CAN bus now comes back after +/-1 minute.
  • When the power was applied and the date was not yet set for the first time, the Clock always started at 00:00:00. This release fixes this issue.
  • With the CLI instruction "sensor list", in rare events, ghost values appeared (strange values for non connected sensor). The values remained correct in memory but were wrongly displayed. This release fixes this issue.

Added functionality