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Gateway structure

The Gateway Module is the brains of the OpenMotics platform. It manages the other Modules on the bus and connects to the OpenMotics Cloud for online management and control over your installation Internally, the Gateway module houses 2 different computer systems:

  1. The Gateway controller: This Linux computer is a standard Beagle Bone Black that is fitted on the Master PCB
  2. The Master controller: This controller, that is fitted on the Master PCB, is based on a Microchip 18F67J11 that is programmed in PicBasic Pro. This Master PCB also has a real time clock with Battery, an Eeprom and the necessary communication channels (RS485, RS232).

The Gateway module has multiple connections to the outside world: 2x RS485, 3xRS232 and Ethernet. The Ethernet, 1 RS485 and 2 serial connections are connected to the Gateway controller. 1 RS485 and 1 shared serial connection is connected to the Master controller. By setting jumpers, the shared serial connection will connect the Gateway controller with the Master controller over RS232. If needed and where appropriate, the shared serial connection can be used to access the Master controller directly over the built-in CLI interface (please see the CLI command reference interface for the different commands that exist). The CLI interface of the Master controller is also accessible through the Cloud interface (Maintenance mode tab).

The Master controller is connected to the gateway over RS232. An API and CLI on the Master controller is available and can be found back in this Wiki.

The CLI Reference Guide describes the available CLI commands that can be executed on the Master controller. This CLI can be accessed directly on the Gateway (see hardware section to set the correct jumpers on the gateway) or via the OpenMotics Cloud where a maintenance session can be opened that gives your direct access to the CLI interface of the Master controller.

The Master controller works fully independent of the Linux controller and every single aspect of the home automation can be programmed via the cloud interface or via the CLI interface.

Please note that the full OpenMotics system can be programmed through the OpenMotics graphical cloud interface without using the CLI interface.

A CLI interface for the Master controller is available as well as an API interface for the Gateway controller.

If more information is needed regarding the existing functionality, please consult The Available Functionality page

For Screenshot examples of the cloud, please consult the Cloud Screenshot page