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The CAN Control module firmware is published as Open Source.

The firmware updates happening in the Openmotics Cloud (Settings - Update) contain not only the firmware update of the Master, but also the firmware of other modules as well as the updates for the Beagle Bone. All these different firmware updates are assembled in a package which gets a general version number. This version number which you see in the portal is not the same as the Firmware Version of the CAN Control module.

Important Notes:

  • V6.x.y only works in combination with the Core/Core+ and can't be used with the tradition Master
  • V6.x.y only works with Gen 3 hardware
  • V4.x.y and lower only works with the Traditional Gateway and none Gen3 Hardware

This version is not yet published and only works in combination with the Core/Core+.


Date: 29/7/2020

Resolved bugs

Added functionality

  • Status led functionality added:
    • Green: Module has got an ID and communication with the Master is working
    • Red: Module has got an ID but the communication with the Master is not working
    • Orange: Module is in discovery mode


Date: 24/7/2020

Resolved bugs

Added functionality

  • Full functional CAN control
  • Manual Initialisation (with button)
  • Automatic Initialisation (CLI instruction "module discover search)
  • CRC16 on RS485 for Initialisation to guarantee correct module discovery
  • VLAN implementation: VLAN are created from the Core/Core+ over the CAN Control towards the CAN network. Different CAN Controls will form a large CAN network.


Date: 2/5/2020

Resolved bugs

Added functionality

This version contains the basics for a new version of the Can Control:

  • Non blocking I2C Framework
  • RS485 driver
  • Queueing for incoming and outgoing RS485 messages
  • Frontpanel and button functionality, led driver
  • Watchdog