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This page give some examples of material you can use in combination with Openmotics. This list is only an example. If you've good experience with certain type of material, please let us know on so we can include it on this page.


The Openmotics Dim Control module provides a variable output of 0-10V. On that output, a dimmer or fixture can be be connected. Since 0-10V (or 1-10V) is one of the standards used for dimming, many dimmers and fixtures exists that have a 0-10V input. When selecting a dimmer, you've to check which type of lights you will connect on this dimmer. A dimmer for led lights is different that a dimmer for halogen lights so it's always important to check the specs of a dimmer to see if it can support the light type you want to install. You've also universal dimmers that supports different type of light types.

For Europe, Niko dimmers are often used and the most popular version is the Niko universal dimmer 330-00701 (which is 1T large and can support between 200W and 350W depending on the light type). Niko dimmers are known for their good quality but are rather expensive.

Niko 330-00701.jpg

Push Buttons

Any potential free push button can be used. In principle, this is any push button that doesn't have electronics built-in. The push buttons can be connected to the Openmotics Input module or to the micro CAN module.

You've 2 type of potential free switches:

  • Push Button (Bounced switches): When you press the switch and release, the switch will also release in other words you'll provide contact as long as you press. Use this type of switch.
  • Switch (Non-bounced switches): This type of switch will not bounce back and it will be or in the ON position or in the OFF position.

Both types of switches can be used, however, the non-bounced switches cannot be programmed for multiple functions per switch (since short/long press is not possible) and cannot be used to dim a light (since short/long press is not possible).

So always use Push Buttons.

Any potential free push button of Niko can be used:

Niko push button.jpg

Many of our customers are also using potential free push button of bticino but any brand can be used and the choice also depends on personal taste.

Heating actuators/Valves

When using the Openmotics thermostat system, you'll need actuators to control the heating/cooling in the different rooms.

You've 2 type of actuators (or valves) that can be used:

  • The open/close actuator (will be connected to the Openmotics Output module)
  • The 0-10V actuator (will be connected to the Openmotics Dim Control module)

The open/close actuators will or be open or closed, nothing in between. The 0-10V actuators can be controlled and can for example be opened for 60%. The disadvantage of the 0-10V actuators is the price, these can be around 4 times more expensive then the open/close actuators. Belparts is a brand making 0-10V actuators.

Since temperature is a very slow medium, most of our customers are using the open/close actuators with very good results.

Most Open/Close actuators exist in 24V or 230VAC.

Many of our customers are using the Open/Close actuator from Watts (model 22C NC). This actuator opens when 230V AC is applied (these actuators are connected to the Openmotics Output module). This actuator is installed on a collector with M30x1,5 valve.

See a webshop example where you can find this actuator:

Watts Actuator.jpg

Important note: When ordering your actuators, please make sure you order NC (normally closed) actuators !!